Take a Tour of the Seneca Army Depot

The website requires Flash Player and is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. The PDFs below provide an overview of the Depot as well as information on features and potential development uses.

The Seneca Army Depot’s strategic location, perfectly positioned the Depot as the major munitions supply hub for the war. With the base’s decommission in 2001, the Depot entered a new phase in its history, serving as a unique storage and development center.

The Depot provides tenant businesses with low-cost, easy access to East Coast markets and a skilled and ready workforce, and is connected to major highways and rail networks. The Depot’s secure storage capabilities, shovel-ready sites and build-ready pads make it the smart choice for business relocation and expansion.

For more information, contact Seneca County Industrial Development Agency at 315-539-1725 or raronson@co.seneca.ny.us.